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Wholesale Home Textiles, manufacturer of high quality textiles from Ukraine

TM ‘Provence’, manufacturer of textile for home offers wholesalers wide assortment of goods foe bedrooms, kitchens, sitting rooms, country house, verandahs, attics as well as for HoReCa enterprises.

Wholesale home textiles is produced in Ukraine and its particulars are perfect quality and reasonable prices. Because of the facts our goods find a ready market and provide us with extension of sales markets.

Wholesale home textiles in Provence style is first of all comfort and coziness, it’s eternal family values, it’s a respect for ancestors  and a skill to be glad to every sunny day. The stile is tender and thin like a stitching of Provence craftswomen as an scent of Provence herbs that fills all the air of the beautiful province. The linen has been appreciated worthily by our customers. For its production we use Italian natural cotton and silk clothes of the highest quality. On such linen you’ll have wonderful dreams, possibly about ancient Gauls living in Provence many years ago, or about  a new day of good news and meetings. We work with kind hearts to fill our goods with more positive and good feelings.

On the pages of our catalogue you’ll make a beautiful journey around blooming fields and gardens, around snow white mountains and tender greenery of spring nature, we choose colors for our linen thoroughly. Thus, every customer can find the thing he wants.

The linen sold not only in our country. Inhabitants of foreign countries and of former Soviet republics order our production. Table clothes are as popular as linen towels and other items.

A table cloth is as important for a table as a frame for a picture. We can’t imagine any feast without nice elegant, stiffly starched table cloth. Even queen’s ware will look as a cheap tea-set from the supermarket. Our table clothes are perfect in their quality, style and manner of manufacturing. Your guests and your family will be over the moon of the feast on the beautiful table cloth made of natural materials in the most warm and sunny colors of Cote d’Azur. Table clothes by wholesale will choose the complete set of textile goods for kitchen or a sitting `room.

In Provence the greater part of furniture is made of natural wood and to make sitting on them soft and comfortable small cushions are put. The cushions are also produced by our firm, as well as a wide assortment of napkins and towels, aprons and pot holders. They’ll help you to design your kitchen in a total look. Looking through our catalogue you’ll get sure how attentive and helpful our designers are. They predict possibility to make sets for our customers, choosing items of the same color and with the same decorations.

Interior handmade toys by wholesale are popular both in Ukraine and abroad.  It is stylish and modern to decorate sofas, armchairs, bed-side tables or a chest of draws with toys. Our toys are made of natural, ecological materials as all our production, certified for using as inside accessories. You should only have a look how nice and fragrant our animals are and you  would like to poses  every of them. Long – eared hares – funny and appealing characters of fairy tales, they are so cozy. It’s a great pleasure to meet them in the morning and to spend autumn evenings. Interior handmade toys our craftsmen make with particular love, because all of us remember our childhood. Everyone remembers his favorite teddy-bear, which was, not once, washed up by our grannies from our porridge, and stitched up its ‘wounds’, got in games. Somebody was a happy owner of a cat, parrot, rabbit or a donkey. Whatever animal followed you in your childhood, it gave your soul beauty and mercy, ability to sympathy and joy, reassure someone and to be reassured by yourself. We grow up, childhood leaves us, but let it leave us as a mementos this beautiful monkey or a hare or a geese, or perhaps an angel to call us back home sweet home.

Luxury textile by wholesale for making you unique interior in the same style. Hand-made articles will help you to transform ordinary dwelling into inimitable corner of coziness and warmth.

All handmade accessories that you find on these pages are made with great love to French history and traditions.

We make HoReCa textile to order. Textile for cafes and restaurants and pizzerias or tearooms will become original and stylish inside decoration and will give pleasure and satisfaction to you and your customers.

We also have possibilities to provide accommodations in hotels, motels, camping sites, sanatoriums, boarding houses and other private or public enterprises with stylish linen, towels and accessories. To all our clients we guarantee quick and qualitative fulfillment of an order for pleasant and mutual profitable cooperation. Our clients are thankful to us because we responsibly work out unique and elegant sets full of ancient admiration and spirit of province fields.

Ukrainian manufacturers of textile are expecting   for your orders and are ready to make a textile that makes accent on the originality of your house or a restaurant, or hunting box. We’ll bring warmth and pleasure, coziness and comfort to every room and we’ll change it into something special belonging only to you. Our production has a charm and sophistication of mastery which was passed from generation to generation during centuries. The eternity was embodied in style, which never changes and rejects imitation.

Manufacturers of home textile today like craftswomen hundreds years ago, take inspiration from perennial well of folk art.  Open our catalogue and start beautiful travel around fairy, ancient and young, charming and generous country with the name “Textile in province style.