Ltd. «Active Trade»

Wholesale Home Textiles, manufacturer of high quality textiles from Ukraine

Ltd. «Active Trade», Wholesale Home Textiles, manufacturer of high quality textiles from Ukraine

     Ltd. «Active Trade» -  is a manufacturer  of high quality textiles with a wide range of products. The product portfolio includes several well known brands such as «Santa Mira» and «Provence».


     The company: 

  • Has a status of exclusive importer of high quality fabrics ( countries suppliers of fabrics are - Italy, Israel, Lithuania, Belarus)
  • Independently performs operations on state registrations, customs clearance and delivery of finished products
  • The company claims the exclusive rights to distribute the unique fabrics MIRXA AND SIMFONI that have no analogues in Ukraine


  • Ltd. «Active Trade» - from the moment of its founding in 2011 has kept its positive dynamics of development in the market of Ukraine. Today the enterprise is successfully cooperating with all of the leading operators of retailer chains (Auchan, Novus, Epicenter, Novaya Linia, Lerua Marlen, Expansia, Karavan, Mega Market, Tavria, Antoshka, gas station chain ОККО etc.), Internet bases, hotels, restaurants, individual orders in the direction of  HoReCa, retailers and wholesalers as well as direct selling through the chain of its own branded chain of stores and showrooms of home textiles “Provence” (12 stores).
  • Ltd. «Active Trade» - because of its own manufacture the company is fairly efficient and is able to completely fulfill the actual demand of the customers for home textiles. The company has a successful work experience in producing its own brand mark (own label) for the customers.

     Our main principle is that the key to success in the business with our partners is the respect of the interests of both sides, so we offer:

  • Wide range of high quality products;
  • Competitive price;
  • All the necessary documents that guarantee the high quality of the goods;
  • Timely and quality delivery;


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    Ltd. «Active Trade»
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    Berezinskaya Str., 58, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, 49130
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